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Spec Home vs. Custom Home: What Are the Differences?

Over 65% of Americans own a home, and many are in the market to buy one. But when it comes to choosing which type of home to make your own, what are the options?

Spec homes and custom houses are two possibilities if you want a new build. Explore the difference between a spec home vs. custom home before you decide!

What Is a Spec Home?

A spec home is designed and built by a construction company. The company chooses the floorplans, materials, and interiors with a demographic in mind.

Most spec homes come fully built, so there’s not a lot of room for customization. Sometimes buyers have the opportunity to choose finishes and appliances. But most spec homes are neutral with standard design choices.

What Is a Custom Home?

Custom homes are built according to the buyer’s design, budget, and requirements. A custom home builder will work with you to create a realistic set of building plans. You can design it from scratch or hire a team of professionals to make the decisions for you.

Spec Home vs. Custom Home

So, which type of home is the best option for you? That depends on your situation, budget, and timeline. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both types of homes.

Spec Home Guide: Pros and Cons

Spec homes are excellent choices for people who don’t have the time to build a custom home. You might even be able to move in just two weeks after closing! Another benefit of spec homes is that they come move-in ready.

Spec homes are also usually built in specific locations for a type of buyer. A family might look for spec homes in family neighborhoods close to schools and parks. Spec homes do have some cons, including:

  • No personalization
  • Limited lot and location options
  • Basic materials, appliances, and finishes

A spec home is perfect for those who want to move in quickly and get on with life. It’s a solid option for a starter home, but you can’t beat a custom build if you’re looking for your dream house!

Custom Home Guide: Pros and Cons

The most obvious benefit of a custom home is having total control over the choices. A few other benefits include:

  • Location choice
  • Better floor plan functionality
  • Customized materials and appliances
  • High-quality construction
  • Express your personality

Maybe you want an adorable Craftsman home or another popular style but can’t find the right one. Custom building it in the location of your choice is a perfect way to make that dream come true. But custom homes can have some cons as well, including:

  • Longer project timeline
  • Higher budget
  • Indecision issues

The cons will depend on your design. If you’re building a small single-story home, you might be able to complete it quickly and on a tight budget. But if the goal is a three-story mansion with imported materials, you’ll likely see the numbers soar.

Get the Home of Your Dreams With NRGY Homes

Buying a home is a big step and a huge financial decision. Consider your goals and must-haves when choosing between a spec home vs. custom home. But don’t forget to factor in budget and time!

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