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Ski Lodge Style Homes

Since 2020, more and more Americans have been moving out West. If you’re planning your move to one of the Western states, you should plan to have a home that matches the style out there.

One of the best styles a custom home builder in Utah can help you achieve is the ski lodge style home. Let’s take a look at what makes this style of custom home so unique and eye-catching!

What Is Ski Lodge Style?

A custom ski lodge style home could also be referred to as alpine aesthetic or chalet style. These unique homes reflect the style of a rustic cabin nestled in the woods but have all the amenities and size of a custom luxury home.

Some common features include sloping roofs, exposed wood and logs, stucco, and unfinished aspects. They capture a perfect mix of quaint, rough, and sweet.

You’re most likely to find these European-inspired homes outside or near ski resorts, but they’re becoming a popular choice for other vacation destinations focused on the outdoors and even for full-time residences.

The key to the perfect custom ski lodge home is in the balance of the luxurious and the rustic. Your luxury alpine home should be even nicer than the average modern home yet fit in with a rustic aesthetic.

History of the Chalet

Originally, a chalet was a very rudimentary log cabin built in the Swiss Alps. These homes were typically one room and very bare bones. Oftentimes they were used by people bringing their cattle up into the mountains for the summer. The word “alp” actually means mountainside pasture.

The more luxurious chalet that we think of today was created by French and English visitors to Switzerland. They took the small, rustic cabin and romanticized it to make something much more ornate. They idealize the “simple life” led by the people living in the chalets but also wanted to reflect their own affluent lifestyles.

Ski Lodge Style Homes in the US

By the mid-1800s the chalet home aesthetic was quite popular in the United States. It was used as style inspiration for hotels, ski resorts, and even mansions. You get to participate in a little piece of history with an alpine home or full-time residence.

Custom Home Builder in Utah to Make Your Alpine Home

If you want a custom ski lodge home, you need to know what to tell your builder. If you simply share inspiration from alpine, chalet, and ski lodge homes, they should be on the right track. But here are other aspects you should bring up.

Ask for exposed natural wood, sloping roofs, a low pitched, gabled roof, and exposed wood beams. You can have a stone foundation with timber framing. Definitely opt for an open floor plan to reflect those original one-room structures, and make sure that there’s plenty of natural light to make things feel cozy and inviting.

Your Dream Ski Lodge Home

With these tips, you can have the ski lodge home of your dreams. Give this inspiration to a custom home builder in Utah. And then enjoy your cozy, natural, and luxurious home.

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