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Should You Build an In-Law Suite in Your Custom Home?

Did you know that Utah is second in the United States for most homes built since 2000? The last two decades have seen a huge boom of housebuilders, and you’re next! As you try to decide how to design your custom home, you might look into an in-law suite.

If you’ve been thinking of how to design your new home, we’re here to help. Here are the perks of including an in-law suite in your new home.

Space to Visit

An in-law suite is a fantastic place to house visitors. Most often, these guest suites will stand empty save for some storage.

When the holidays come around, that storage is easy to deal with so you can house a visiting relative. It’s effective for any guests, whether they be your family members or a friend just needing a place to crash for the weekend.

By turning the home into a guest suite, you ensure that you have the room to be a host. Enjoy throwing safe parties, hosting visiting friends, and everything else you can do with your additional hospitality!

Space to Grow

Did you know that people call it an in-law suite because it’s a room typically used for young people to take care of their aging parents? The nomenclature makes a great argument for exactly what you might end up using it for.

Many homes are built with a multigenerational use in mind nowadays, and the in-law suite is a huge part of that. Rather than deal with an assisted living facility, many are using these extra rooms as housing and care for parents that need some aid.

Putting an in-law suite can help you take care of your own aging parents if the time is coming up. If not, maybe you’ll end up being the one enjoying the beautiful addition to your home with your own children.

Renting Out

In the last decade, it’s become common for home builders to rent out their homes. Sites like AirBnB help travelers or the needy find a place they can stay. Most often for vacationers or visitors, the owner of the space being rented charges a fee.

You can use your in-law suite as a great way to turn your custom home building into an income generator. Doing so will earn thousands over time and can raise the price of the home as a whole if you rent it out. If you end up selling the home, the extra space from the guest suite will help to increase the price and maximize your earnings.

Using Your In-Law Suite

Building an in-law suite in your new custom home is a great way to ensure space to grow and add value to your home. You’ll be ready to take visitors or travelers and can use the space as storage in the times between. Whatever you use the second structure for, having the extra space is an enormous boost.

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