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Luxury Home Design Trends for 2022

The most important home design trends for 2022 include green decor, high-tech gadgets, and vintage pieces. Here are some other trends to watch in the luxury home design industry. High-end tech gadgets, mix-and-match colors and patterns, and vintage pieces are all on the list. Which home design trend is right for you? Read on to learn more. After all, you’re going to spend a lot of time in your home, so you might as well make it as luxurious as possible.

Grandmillennial is a home design trend for 2022

The grandmillennial design style is a cross between minimalism and maximalist. It uses classic details and monochromatic color palettes while also incorporating vibrant color palettes. Designer Stefani Stein suggests that you should use rich earth tones and saturated hues for this style. The grandmillennial style is about layering different textures to add complexity to a space. It’s best to mix and match classic and contemporary pieces to create a well-balanced design.

While the grandmillennial style isn’t a trend, it does have its place in interior design. It represents a nostalgic, familiar sense of significance. A key component of grandmillennial design is the inclusion of pieces that tell a story. It’s not about bringing in generic beach artwork or a grandmother’s artwork. It’s about incorporating everything you love and cherish into your interior design.

High-end tech gadgets

The latest luxury homes incorporate high-tech gadgets into their designs. For example, the Kohler PerfectFill smart bathing device allows you to program up to 10 bath times via an app. The Kohler PerfectFill is expected to hit the market soon. The system will cost around $2,700. Other high-tech gadgets are accent tables that contain speakers, remote-controlled shelving, and heated flooring. Sculptural surfaces are also popular in design, with multi-cornered couches and multi-level shelving.

Mix and match colors and patterns

In 2022, color and pattern will be the order of the day. Home decor that is both bold and colorful will take center stage. This year, the interior will have a mix and match theme, blurring the lines between the exterior and interior. These are just some of the design trends you’ll want to consider for your luxury home. Browse our gallery to get inspired by these trends.

To make your space feel more inviting, mix and match patterns and colors. Monochromatic rooms no longer feel as welcoming to visitors. Instead, luxury interior designer Margarita Bravo says that monochromatic rooms don’t feel as cozy as spaces with a mix of colors and materials. Choose accent colors and accessories in bright, bold shades. Mix and match patterns to add depth to your home.

Vintage pieces

Today, homeowners are turning to antiques and vintage pieces from their own backyards to create a unique and stylish look. Many homeowners prefer to source unique pieces from local secondhand and thrift stores, as these items can be difficult to find elsewhere. Designer Stephanie Hearn Purcell offers a unique service to refinish vintage pieces, and give them a modern, 2022 twist. Her vision embodies the latest luxury home design trends.

Secondhand shopping for vintage pieces has been on the rise in recent months, and the growing awareness of supply-chain issues is encouraging homeowners to seek out affordable items from secondhand sources. Many homes stores carry caned furniture and silhouettes from disco era eras. Similarly, wallpaper is having a moment, but it’s not your grandmother’s wallpaper! Think jungle themes, botanicals, and bold florals!

Open spaces

With the high cost of elder care and housing, people are now increasingly choosing to split their living spaces into separate areas. In addition, homeowners are now focusing on the interior of their homes to create personal sanctuaries. This trend may continue into 2022, as people move from big city apartments to larger homes. Whether these are just short-term trends or permanent, real estate agents can use them to their advantage.

Sustainability will also play a role in the design trends for 2022. With many consumers becoming environmentally conscious, choosing durable materials will be increasingly popular. This is especially true of small-scale pieces of decor that are likely to go out of style quickly. Thankfully, consumers can easily switch out pieces of decor with more affordable items. Similarly, green interiors will become increasingly prevalent. If your budget is tight, you should invest in durable, sustainable furniture and d├ęcor.

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