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How Long Does It Take To Build a Custom Home in Utah?

Currently, the rate of homeownership in America is about 65%. And this number is increasing as more people are getting access to custom luxury home builders.

But although this service sounds great, there are some factors you must consider when choosing a custom luxury home. For example, the timeline of events. So keep reading this article if you’re wondering how long does it take to build a custom home.

How Long Does It Take To Build a Custom Home?

One of the very first questions many people ask is “how long does it take to build a home”? And this question is important because it helps a buyer determine if this option is viable or not.

So on average, it takes about 16 months to build a custom luxury home.

However, these times may vary depending on the build, size, and location of the home. For example, a smaller custom luxury home may take six months to a year to complete.

However, a larger customized home can take anywhere from a year to sixteen months. And be aware that supply shortages and weather can also affect the timeline. So always take any dates as a guess, rather than an exact time frame.

Other Factors That Can Affect the Timeline of Your Custome Home Build

There are some unforeseen events that can happen while you build a custom luxury home. For example, during the excavation phase, pipelines or other large objects could be discovered in the ground.

And although this is rare, it can affect the timeline of your custom luxury home build. Another event that could happen is that you don’t like a certain detail in the home. This happens more often than not!

For example, a person will see pictures of the flooring and love it! However, once they see the floors in person, they may not feel the same. So always ensure every choice you make is final, to avoid changes in the build.

Factors That Can Speed the Process of the Build

For starters, having a concise and well-executed game plan will help the trajectory of the project. So when you start working with custom luxury home builders, ensure you are present in every meeting.

This means knowing exactly what is being used, the design, and the style of the home. The more involved and informed you are, the better. Another factor that may speed up the process is to build a semi-custom home.

This means, the home already has a blueprint but you get to make changes as you please. This option is a lot faster than a fully custom luxury home. But of course, you should go for a fully custom luxury home if you don’t mind waiting and you have some great ideas already.

What to Do If My Home Is Backtracked?

No matter how much you prepare, there are instances where your scheduled date gets pushed back. And this can be extremely bothersome, especially if you have a lease that’s ending on your current home.

However, it’s best to approach these situations with ease and logic. So first, ask the project manager if they have a new date for when they think the home will be ready. If they cannot give you an expected date, then ask them for a copy of their execution plan.

This plan will give you some insight into what the project team will do for the next few weeks. Therefore, you can at least be informed of the process.

Lastly, if the home is at the final stages of its built, you may be able to do an early move-in while it’s being built. However, only some companies allow this and only when the last few steps are minimal and not invasive.

Building a Custom Home Has Never Been Easier

Now that you know how long does it take to build a custom home, you can start planning your big project. But remember to take these factors into consideration before committing to this option.

And if you have more questions on custom luxury homes, then contact us today!