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Custom Home 101: What Makes a House a Custom Home?

Looking for a new home? Are you tired of your realtor shuffling you between different homes on the market and never finding the perfect one?

The solution to not finding the going to more open houses. The solution is looking into building a custom home. A custom home is a house designed by a hired architect according to your specifications.

Keep reading to learn more about custom-built homes.

Set Your Guidelines

When you build a custom home you get to do everything on your terms. To ease the construction process, prospective homeowners need to get organized.

The price of new homes can greatly vary based on location, materials, and cost of labor. In some instances, a custom build can be more affordable than purchasing a pre-owned home. Many homeowners still use a loan, so if you are a prospective builder you should work on building your credit score.

When you establish a timeline for construction, you need to account for potential setbacks. Flexibility in your desired time frame can save you a lot of money when working with contractors.

Once you have determined your budget and timeline you need to secure a plot of land for the location. Custom homes allow you to build your dream home near your priorities, whether that be work, dining, or entertainment. You should consider the size of the lot, the slope of the land, and the natural surroundings.

Design Your Dream Home

Building a custom home means total control. You should start by making a three-pronged list: needs, likes, and dislikes. This will help you know where to start when you need to trim the fat off of your budget.

Your dream may not be large, it may just be functional. This is all at your discretion. The recent innovations that come with new and modern builds can assure you of an energy-efficient home that requires minimal maintenance issues.

If you can rank your features by importance you will be able to know what to prioritize. When you build a new home you can easily make choices about features like the cabinets, counters, and fixtures. These all go into the initial input cost.

Assemble Your Team

When you embark on a construction project you must build a team you can trust. The most important attribute of a custom build is assembling a team that will execute your ideas and makes your custom home come to life.

Early in the construction process, you will want to hire an architect that can help you draw up plans. They will direct your vision and listen to your desired structural attributes. Before hiring your architect you will want to review their portfolio and fees.

General contractors are responsible for supervising the build and ensuring all necessary paperwork gets filed. Your general contractor will work directly with you and your architect to get the project done.

Take Control With A Custom Home

A custom home gives its inhabitants the ultimate sense of luxury and comfort. In a custom build, you can be reassured that you are getting your wish list fulfilled.

The ability to control every feature of your house is not something to take for granted. That is why at NRGY Custom Homes we want customers to feel the power of customization. Connect with us to get started on your custom build.