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An In-Depth Look at Utah’s Most Popular Home Styles

If you’re considering buying or building a home in Utah, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the most popular house styles in the state. From traditional to contemporary to modern, there’s a wide variety of homes to choose from in Utah. This blog post will take a closer look at the most common home styles in the Beehive State and what makes them so popular. So whether you’re just starting your research or are already narrowing down your options, read on for some helpful information on Utah house styles.

The Pioneer Architecture style

This style features a single-story, simple construction with large windows and wide porches. Common materials include brick, stone, and-hewn timbers on the porch columns and other accents. The Pioneer Architecture style is often found in rural areas, but modern versions can also be found in larger cities.

Victorian Architecture Style

Utah’s Victorian style is characterized by elaborate detail, ornate trim, and intricate gables. Common materials include wood, stone, and brick with decorative accents such as gingerbread trim, stained glass windows, and wrap-around porches. The Victorian Architecture style is often found in larger cities.

Early Twentieth-Century Cottage

This style combines traditional and modern architectural elements, featuring low-pitched roofs, large windows, exposed rafters, and simple lines. Common materials include brick, stone, and wood with accents such as decorative shutters or flower boxes. The Early Twentieth-Century Cottage style is often found in suburban areas.

Early Modern Architecture

Early Modern ARchitecture allows for creative flexibility and modern materials and designs. This style typically includes clean lines, glass walls, steel frames, and other contemporary elements. Common materials include concrete, glass, and metal, with bold colors accenting the design.

Post-War Modern Architecture

This style usually includes shallow-pitched roofs, simple lines, and large windows. Common materials include concrete, glass, and metal with accents such as patterned stucco or wood paneling. Post-War Modern Architecture is often found in larger cities.

The Ogden & Salt Lake City 1910-1920 Architecture

This style features prominent brickwork, large windows, and decorative ironwork, with elements of Tudor and Queen Anne architecture. Common materials include brick and stone with decorative trim accents such as dentil molding or quoins. The Ogden & Salt Lake City 1910-1920 Architecture style is often found in downtown areas.

Rustic Mountain Modern Architecture

This popular home style in Utah combines modern design with rustic elements. It typically features simple lines, large windows, clean angles, and natural materials such as wood or stone accents. Common materials include glass, metal, and concrete, with bold colors accenting the design.

Contemporary Glass Houses

This style features large windows and open floor plans, as well as the use of natural light and materials. Common materials include glass, steel, and concrete with accents such as stone or wood paneling. Contemporary Glass Houses are a great way to bring the beauty of Utah’s outdoors inside.

No matter which home style you choose, Utah offers plenty regarding residential architecture. With its variety of styles, materials, and designs, the state offers something for everyone in terms of creating a unique living space.¬†At NRGY Homes, our passion is working together with the client to build a custom home that is beautiful, comfortable, and durable. So contact us today if you’re looking for a custom home builder in Park City, Salt Lake City, Heber, Midway, Utah, or surrounding areas. NRGY Homes is here to bring your vision to life.