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5 Tips on Choosing a Location to Build a Custom Home

You can tamper with the exterior and interior of the house as much as you want. You can even demolish it and resize it, but you can never change the location of your home.

In real estate, supply and demand always play a key role in price appreciation. A good location is desirable and thus has a higher demand. You will have peace knowing it has a higher resale value.

Part of having a home that fits your custom design involves having it in the right area. Here are tips on choosing a location to build a custom home.

1. Consider Your Lifestyle When choosing a Place to Build a Custom Home

Prioritize your lifestyle to narrow down your options for home locations. Your daily errands like dropping off the kids at school, grocery shopping, and going to work should be at the top of your mind.

The distance between your home and most amenities should tell you whether to move in or not. Carry out thorough online researches and physical visits to get a clear picture of the property.

2. Land Dimension

Land for custom homes should be able to accommodate all needs of the owner. Think about the main house and any plans you might have. The land area needs to be enough to accommodate the garden, parking waste management, and all that.

When considering your options for home locations, choose one that will guarantee permanency. After all the work, the last thing you want is to move due to lack of space.

Besides, custom building regulations in Utah require you to leave some space from the road. Most people do not account for all this space when choosing their custom home location.

3. Topographical Features

While some topographical features like cliffs and rivers are pleasing to the eye. They can be an obstacle to custom home builders when constructing your home.

Land for custom homes should be free of embankments and rock outcroppings. Consider working with a local custom home builder when choosing a location.

They can give you valuable information. More so, they can identify undesirable features of the land.

4. Buy on a Budget

Plan your custom home budget before you start looking for land to set up a home. The last thing you want is to buy property in a location that will cripple you financially. The land might be in an unnecessary expensive neighborhood.

Moreover, the property might need many adjustments and thus costing you more. A good custom home budget should include the price of the land as well as all construction costs.

5. Zone Policies

It’s important to know whether your preferred custom home location is in a zoned area. If the lot is in a developed community, then you might have to have to adhere to some zoning laws and other policies set by your neighbors.

Choosing a Location to Build a Custom Home

The above tips will come in handy when choosing land to build a custom home. Think things through and consider the long-term effects of your decisions.

Working with an experienced custom home builder during this process will help you avoid serious mistakes. Contact us today, for all your custom building needs.