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5 Things to Do Before Hiring a Custom Home Builder, Utah

A custom home is whatever you want it to be; it is a one-of-a-kind home that can be designed to your exact choosing. It is an opportunity to realize your dream home, a place where you feel truly at home. If you are considering a custom home builder in Utah for your next project, there are a number of things to consider.

In this blog post, we will highlight 5 things to do before hiring a custom home builder. For the No. 1 customer home builder in Utah, choose NRGY Home & Construction.

1. Check That They Are Fully Licensed and Insured

Before you do anything, it is essential to check that a custom home building company is fully licensed and insured. While, in theory, anyone could pose as a building company, only those who are fully licensed in their state should be considered.

It is also crucial to check that a home builder has sufficient insurance for their work. If something goes wrong, you may find yourself liable if they aren’t insured.

2. Take a Look At Their Website

If you have a home builder in mind, take a look at their website as well as their social media channels. This is a good place to gain a better understanding of their experience, vision, staff, history, and to gauge their level of expertise within the custom home industry. If they have an active blog, consider this to be another plus point, too.

3. Ask to See Their References

Before hiring a particular company, it’s important to get some feedback from past clients. Nowadays, you should be able to read plenty of reviews online but it also helps to speak to references provided by the company. Ask past clients about the company, determine how reliable they were, and how good the communication was between the builder and the client.

4. Show Them Your Plans

A custom home really could take any form, that’s part of its beauty. It’s beneficial to show a company your plans and ask for their feedback about the custom home building process.

They may have some suggestions which could prove valuable, or they may have some queries of their own.

5. Ask for A Written Contract

If you are happy with a custom home builder and are ready to hire them, it’s useful to first prepare a written contract that both parties will sign. This contract should include all of the relevant information, such as costs, necessary resources, start time, estimated completed date, information on workers and contractors, and more.

Find the Best Custom Home Builder In Utah

Central to realizing your dream home project is a quality custom home builder. The above advice is designed to ensure that you find the best match for your project.

As the best custom home builder in Utah, we take pride in our ability to realize the most ambitious of design challenges when it comes to custom homes. Contact our team today and let’s chat about your dream home project.