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10 Important Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder in Utah

Did you know that there are about 82 million homeowners in the United States? Of those owners, many decided to go ahead and build their own homes from the ground up.

Indeed, having a house built for yourself means you can add whatever needs or customizations you want. However, finding the right custom home builder in Utah may come with some challenges. Be sure to ask these ten pertinent questions to ensure you find the best custom home builder in your area.

1. What Are Your Credentials?

When building a custom home, you want to know whether the company in question has the right credentials. In other words, you want to ensure they will perform whatever tasks you may need for your new home.

If they do not, it is better to be aware of this before you hire them for the job. That way, there are no surprises down the road.

2. Are You Insured?

Ask if the company can provide proof of insurance. If someone does not follow the OSHA rules and regulations for commercial and residential homebuilders, they may experience injuries.

If those injuries are on your lot, you may be liable if the company does not cover such things under their insurance.

3. Can I See Your Portfolio?

Next up, you want to see a portfolio of the company’s past work. You want to know what kind of work the company does. After all, you likely have a vision and expect the custom home building process to make it come true.

4. Do You Have References?

Go ahead and ask the company for references. A reputable business will have a list that you can contact. By speaking with past clients, you can get a feel for the company’s professionalism.

5. How Long Will the Project Take?

You might have a deadline for when you need the home built. After speaking with a home building company, ask how long they estimate the project to last. That will give you an idea of whether they will work fast or too slow.

6. Can I Purchase Materials?

Sometimes, home building companies do not have the materials you want. Let’s say you want a specific type of marble countertop, but the business does not provide that type of marble. See if you can purchase the materials for the workers to install.

7. Will You Get Credits for Purchasing Materials?

Another question is whether you will get credit for purchasing something more expensive than what the company offers. If the business will install a toilet for $300, but you find a nicer one for $500, will you get the extra $200 back or on credit?

8. Do You Include Landscaping?

Some companies offer landscaping services along with their home building. However, many specialize only in construction.

You want to know this beforehand. That way, you can make landscaping arrangements.

9. What Are The Regulations?

Find out whether the company sets forth rules and regulations. That could mean they do not install certain materials or structures on your property.

10. Can I See the Materials Beforehand?

It is critical you view, feel, and inspect all of the materials a company will use during the project. Request to see the materials before the workers install them. Otherwise, you might end up with something you do not enjoy.

Hire a Custom Home Builder in Utah

As you can tell, these ten questions play a vital role in finding the best custom home building company around. If you want to find the best custom home builder in Utah, look no further than NRGY Homes and Construction.

We offer professional services that will work closely with you to ensure you get the home of your dreams. So, please, contact us today! We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.